As a company, we believe in goodwill .We are price competitive and equally faster in delivery. We are working with Leading brands. The Company exports its products to global markets such as UK, USA, Europe, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy and France. With an annual Turnover of 20 million US $, the company has established in 1995 and growing day by day itself as a leading integrated knitwear production house in Pakistan.

CEO Message

CEO Message

Haamitex Manufacturers is growing firm we welcome value added

customers, in the years to come, we will remain 

focused on expanding our range of capabilities, 

services and solutions. Our experienced 

merchandising marketing, fabric developer and 

quality team have specialist knowledge of knitting Apparels.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to supply garments worldwide to 

fashion market, where the garments supplied 

provide better value in quality, price, and service

than it s competitors so that the whole chain is 

benefited. Our mission to produce world-class 

garments. Our product includes men s, women s

 and kids wear.

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Environmental Concepts

We follow to strict moral principles and standards,

we efforts to offer products that have been fairly

traded. We source all our products from the best 

suppliers in the world. Our relationships and 

partnerships with manufacturers around the 

world enable us to provide comprehensive, and

eco-friendly sourcing solutions.

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